Large Water Sanitizer (AE40)

Large Water Sanitizer (AE40)


The Aqua-Excellence Pool Sanitizer and De-Chlorinator is a revolutionary, all-natural, maintenance-free pool system that kills up to 99.999% of bacteria, algae, fungi, and viruses, prevents scaling and removes chlorine.

The Aqua-Excellence Pool Sanitizer and De-Chlorinator replaces existing chlorine and salt pool systems that require the constant use of chemicals and costly additives. This patented system is the ultimate pool sanitizer that continuously kills pathogens (or bacteria) while breaking down calcium, which prevents scaling, and helps maintain the PH-level in your pool.

Using this system provides a chemical free swimming environment with very little maintenance allowing the owner to truly enjoy their pool. This system is the answer for those allergic to chlorine or own an indoor pool and don’t want the chlorine fumes!

The large patented Aqua-Excellence Pool Sanitizer and De-Chlorinator treats private pools 17,000 to 40,000 gallons and comes with a 5-year Limited Warranty.

Dimensions: 8” (diameter) X 41 3/8” (tall), and weighs 73.5lbs shipping weight.

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How does it work?

The Aqua-Excellence Sanitizer and De-Chlorinator contains an internal metallic media blend that is NSF- 42 and NSF-61 certified to drinking water standards. The media creates an electrolytic field that kills bacteria, algae, viruses, breaks down calcium to prevent scaling, and removes chlorine on contact. As the pool’s filtration system recirculates the pool water, it continues to be treated and immediately returned to the swim area. No independent electricity is required as the pool’s existing pump moves the water through the sanitizer, continuously killing up to 99.999% of micro-organisms. 

How does the Aqua-Excellence Sanitizer and De-Chlorinator attach to my pool?

The Aqua-Excellence sanitizing system attaches downstream of the pool’s filter and can be permanently plumbed for year-round use or temporarily attached with easy made disconnects for those located in areas where freezing temperatures occur and pools must be winterized. In the spring, the system is easily reattached for the next swim season.

How do I operate the Aqua-Excellence Sanitizer and De-Chlorinator to ensure maximum effectiveness?

As the Sanitizer continuously kills micro-organisms (or bacteria) they will need to be removed from the system or the water may begin to appear cloudy due to the buildup of dead bacteria. In order to remove the bacteria, it must be oxygenated so it will catch in the filter where it can be backwashed from the sand filter or rinsed off cartridge filters as needed.

The Aqua-Excellence Sanitizer should be allowed to run continuously for 12 hours during the day when high swim activity will most likely occur. The sanitizer can then be turned off overnight.

Note: On a rare occasion if the water becomes cloudy, after a large amount of swimmers, storms, pets, etc., the pool water can be chlorine shocked. It is recommended to apply the shock in the evening while allowing the sanitizer to run overnight so the chlorine can be removed throughout the night.