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If you have arrived at our site you are most likely seeking a better way to cost effectively maintain your pool’s water with the least amount of maintenance.

You are about to learn of the most effective, maintenance-free, long lasting pool sanitizer and de-chlorinator available on the market. 

Our system was developed by a 35-year veteran pool builder. The unit has proven to be tried and true and still working on pools for over twenty years! That’s correct! The inventor is aware of this system to still be working after twenty years!

Private pool owners all have the same desire: to enjoy their pool without the expense and grief associated with it. They long for a maintenance-free system that will greatly reduce cost and keep their pool water clear and beautiful.

They want their family to be safe from harmful bacteria, such as E-coli and other chloroforms, and to enjoy clean sanitized water, rather than swim in chemicals. Pools should be an asset to the property, not a burden, where grappling with bacteria in the water is a constant battle. This notion is so strong, that pool owners will go to great expense for salt water systems, UV, and other gizmos that come along in the hope that it will make life better. These systems are generally expensive and eventually require repair and/or replacement.

They want a pool sanitation product that requires no refilling; a device that can easily connect to their pool system and use safe NSF certified materials to effectively sanitize the water; that kills bacteria for an abundance of years, requiring no maintenance. They want equipment that won’t break or wear out, a good investment.

If this is you….today is your day!


Aqua-Excellence Water Products pool sanitation unit is designed to attach to your existing pool works. This unique patented design, for pool water sanitation, includes no harmful chemicals. The water flows through the natural media where bacteria, viruses, fungus and algae are killed on contact!

Aqua-Excellence Water Products backs it with a 5-year limited warranty to sanitize your pool water!



Comparing Aqua-Excellence to Other Filtration Systems