How Does Aqua-Excellence Work?

The patented Aqua-Excellence pool water sanitizing system is comprised of NSF certified parts. The active media is certified to NSF 42 and 61 drinking water standard. This same media is used in our system for pools. The media consists of dissimilar metallic media consisting of zinc and copper which creates an electrolytic field as water filters through thereby killing up to 99.999% of bacteria, fungi, viruses, algae, mold, and mildew immediately! It also breaks down chlorine as well as calcium to prevent scaling in your pool.

The unit connects to your existing pool pump and filtering system and requires no independent electrical power. Easy connection hardware makes it simple to remove outdoor units for winter storage.

Aqua-Excellence Sanitizer & de-chlorinator naturally sanitizes the water on contact. The sanitized water is then returned to the pool — free of chlorine and harmful chemicals. Since the microorganisms are now dead, they will not multiply thereby keeping the pool water clear. This system, in conjunction with a pool wall and bottom surface maintainer, such as a Creepy Crawler, Dolphin, or Polaris type of equipment, will aid in keeping algae and bacteria from growing by either sucking the microorganisms from the wall and through a skimmer hose then directly into the skimmer, which is how the Creepy Crawly types operate, or wiping the surface and knocking microorganisms adrift where they are eventually removed from the pool through the skimmer.

Because the sanitizer continuously kills up to 99.999% of microorganisms as it runs the dead bacteria will accumulate and must be removed or the water may begin to appear cloudy. To remove the dead bacteria simply place a single 2”-3” chlorine tablet in the skimmer basket. The chlorine tablet should last approximately one week. As the water flows across the tablet dead bacteria is oxygenated so it will catch in the filter where it will be simply backwashed from sand filter once a week, or rinsed from a cartridge filter as needed. The chlorine is broken down as the water passes through the de-chlorinator then returned to the pool.



The continuous circulation of your pool system directs the water through the Aqua-Excellence water treatment unit keeping your pool clean and bacteria-free. The pool system should run at least 12 hours per day. It is recommended to allow the unit to run during the day, when pool use is occurring. More bacteria will be introduced into the water with swimmer activity, and will be recirculated through the sanitation unit.




Note: The Aqua-Excellence Water Products Sanitizer & De-chlorinator unit is shown above with a simple winterizing attachment that allows easy disconnection so the unit and be stored for winter and keeping the pool system enclosed. If one doesn’t live in a cold climate the unit can be permanently plumbed for year-round use.

How Much Maintenance is required?

The Aqua-Excellence Water Products Pool Sanitizer & De-chlorinator unit itself only requires to not be allowed to freeze. A single 2”-3” chlorine tablet should be kept in the skimmer basket. It should last approximately 1 week. Once the tablet is reduced to the size of a 50 cent piece another tablet should be dropped in the skimmer. Although the unit helps maintain the PH level, it is recommended that the pool owner monitor and, if needed, maintain it. Many pool owners report the unit maintaining the PH at the appropriate level.


Why Have I Not Heard Of This Before?

Great question! The inventor is the owner of a small pool building company in Northwest Arkansas. He sold more than 400 units over a twenty year span, none have been returned! Because the owner focused his efforts in his immediate area the rest of the market did not know of the revolutionizing product. Two customers saw how wonderful the pool unit was and became business partners who are taking this pool product to the marketplace. Pool builders in Florida who have tested this pool sanitizing system and report the unit will be on virtually every pool they build. Everyone who owns the pool sanitizer and de-chlorinator loves it, and you will too!